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Wireless Building Links

WiFi Building to Building Links

CAT Project Solutions can design, install and maintain the wireless building to building links you need to help your business sun smoothly

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Wireless point to point links

Wireless building to building links – Wireless LAN / Wireless PTP

  • 87_wirelessbuildinglinksConnect two locations together over distances of up to10Km and provide a bandwidth of up to 220Mbps,
  • Where connect may be required quickly
  • Where the installation may not be long term
  • Where there are no contracts and no monthly rentals
  • Where the equipment can be redeployed elsewhere cost effectively

The Wireless PTP (point to Point) installation is designed to connect remote sites quickly.

This equipment is purchased very cost effectively and installed within a day or so. Designed to be able to be relocated time and again, so providing a perfect solution where the location and connectivity are temporary.

Ideal for a number of applications including:

  • Network extension to remote sites where cabling is not possible or cost prohibitive
  • CCTV applications
  • Voice applications
  • Leased line replacement – saving huge costs
  • Back up to existing leased lines/diverse routes
  • Temporary site connections
  • Where deployment is required quickly

Using 5Ghz technology these links can be deployed without a license (in many cases), quickly – typically in under a day, and unlike leased lines have no on-going costs associated with them.

The installation includes the provision of WNMS – Wireless Network Management System – a web based solution which allows you to monitor the link remotely and be alerted should there be any issues.

Wireless LAN connection

CAT Project Solutions Ltd are experienced designers, installers and maintainers of Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks and hardware.

Designing and configuring high performance secure wireless networks nationally to ensure that your wireless coverage will deliver high capacity and reliable bandwidth.

Our solutions are designed to meet both your application needs as well as your budget, we can offer a range of leading industry Wireless LAN products as well as cabled infrastructure and power services.

CAT Project Solutions Ltd are able to offer detailed site survey and planning services as well as post installation coverage check and reports and maintenance services.

To discuss our wireless LAN services, contact the team at CAT Project Solutions today.