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Audits and Repatching

CAT Project Solutions are here to help your with their patch management and audit services.

Does your cabinet look like this?

Does your cabinet look like this?

Are you looking to rationalise the communication room services you have, or change out your Server equipment or is your Comms room just in a mess – well, we at CAT Project Solutions can certainly help you.

We can provide a full IT audit of your services – detailing the hardware, the location, make, model and the connectivity. This information we will record and manage into an inventory for you we could also help to implement any changes that you are planning with you.

With a cluttered or untidy patching cabinet, the provision of a new service, the movement of existing user or the identification and tracing of cabling when a fault arises can be difficult. You may have spare capacity that you didn’t know about on your switches or on the structured cabling, therefore making the investment in additional equipment unnecessary.

At CAT Project Solutions, we will undertake a project to audit and repatch your IT services in the Comms / Server room – removing redundant cabling, freeing up spare ports on hardware and recording what connects where.

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IT patching services

If you are looking to patch your IT services then we at CAT Project Solutions will provide the technical resource to implement this for you, CAT Project Solutions have 40 years of experience in the design and installation of infrastructure as well as the implementation of 1,000’s of office moves then we are a perfect partner to work with.

We can supply copper patch leads in a range of 10-colour’s and even customise lengths of leads so that you can define the service by the patch lead colour i.e. Blue for Voice, Green for WAP’s, Red for Server, Grey for desktop PC connections etc. and keep excess cables to a minimum.

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