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A CAT Success Story: ING Bank

Client Requirements

ING Bank needed to relocate their staff to a new 8 storey 130,000 ft office building within the City of London. The requirement was to migrate the IT equipment for over 750 banking and trading staff over five phases with minimal distruption to their business.

The CAT Project Solution

  • CAT provided move coordination and team management throughout the five phases of the client’s project to understand and agree with the client the actions, priorities and critical dependencies of the relocation.
  • A team of skilled and experienced IT staff were deployed by CAT Project Solutions each Friday to ensure that all IT equipment being relocated was labelled, decommissioned and packed into protective removal crates in preparation for the physical move.
  • CAT Project Solutions worked with a specialist and experience removal partner to ensure that together we safely and securely transported the IT equipment between office locations. The equipment was loaded onto their vehicles in an order that made distribution of equipment to the new building quick and uncomplicated.
  • Vehicle access to the delivery entrance at the new building had width restrictions which required smaller transportation vehicles being used and with other contractors working in the same building, scheduling of our deliveries was key.
  • CAT Project Solutions returned on Saturday with the same team who decommissioned to proved continuity to the task of re-installing the IT hardware on the user’s desk, patching of services to the network and to assist the client with user acceptance testing.
  • To minimise the disruptive effect on staff returning to work at their new desk positions on the Monday as well as ensuring a tidy and clean work place, CAT paid attention to some of the smaller detail including mouse and phone positioning.
  • CAT provided a presence following each phase of the relocation project to ensure that the clients staff were happy with the IT set-up at their new desk position and to assist with any minor issues they may have such as adjusting monitor heights etc.


Office Relocation Challenge


How do you rise to the challenge when a client has suddenly been forced into a large office move?

Fortunately, we have undertaken thousands of staff relocations in our time and with a very hands-on Project Management approach, we were able to assure the client that we were exactly the right company to deliver their project.

The client had just won a multi-million pound contract and had to rearrange the telesales and service delivery teams to accommodate the start of this contract in one weeks time and therefore when CAT Project Solutions were called to a meeting and engaged to complete the office relocation, we had just 5-days to organise the move and the 6th day to implement the move – start to finish.

To add to the task there were several specific challenges and restrictions for us to manage –

  • There was no swing space to be able to stack or store crates and furniture whilst we emptied or prepared another area to receive them, so we were forced to double handle IT kit and furniture.
  • There was a very small passenger lift so we were only able to load a single desk or cupboard at a time.
  • Departments were moving between 4 floor of the building and across two wings and were splitting some of their teams between floors.

We worked very closely with the client to identify both the staff and their furniture’s current and future positions, we established and agreed move timings for the project this was likened to a military operation or a game of chess as the user’s desks, chair’s, IT equipment and personal crate movements needed to be planned. We arranged packing crates for users, provided personalised colour labels and labelled and numbered every desk position. We audited the IT desktop equipment and the connecting outlet for all Voice and Network points.

We created a detailed move pack with Office and furniture plans, Equipment positions and connectivity detail which was distributed to the client and our IT and furniture teams to ensure everything ended up where it should and all IT services were re-patched correctly.

On the evening of the move, as we waited for the last user to leave the dedicated CAT Project Solutions Move Manager ensured all IT kit, furniture and crates and chairs were labelled – using different colour labels to match the different destination areas where the user was moving to. We marshalled our removal team to follow behind our IT technicians who began the decommissioning and bubble wrapping of the desktop equipment, placing these into specialist IT equipment crates.

During the evening everything was shuffled into it’s new position and by the morning the re-commissioning of IT equipment on desk and re-patching of the Network and Telephone outlets began. The removal team followed behind placing personal crates and chairs at the users position.

By mid-afternoon – less than 24-hours from the start of the move process, the client undertook their testing and the whole move was signed off as complete and the client team were all in place to deliver their new contract.

We were on hand to walk the floor on the first day of operation to assist with crate emptying and removal.

CAT Project Solutions had successfully delivered the project within the time scales and within the budget,