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Office & Department Relocations

CAT Project Solutions are here to help with your office IT move within or for a relocation of your business

We offer a complete solution for all aspects of a IT office relocation.

IT Office Relocation ManagementRelax, we at CAT Project Solutions have implemented thousands of relocations for clients of all sizes and across all industry sectors.

Whether your requirement is for an internal office move, for a complete building to building relocation, a small shuffle of personnel within a department or regular personnel churn we will take care of all aspects of your move for you.

Our work has taken us to most of the UK and many EMEA locations too – Warsaw, Johannesburg, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Brussels, and many other cities – some of them several times!

With our expertise of IT infrastructure and Power installations, we make an ideal partner to take care of your future office needs – so not only can we move you to a new location but you will have the piece of mind to know that all of the services that you need are in place when you get there.

We can decommission and reinstate all of the desktop IT equipment and the Comms / Server room hardware and Racks. We can dismantle, move and reassemble your office desking and storage furniture. We can provide personal crates and specialist IT equipment crates to safely transport your belongings and assets.

We will audit your area or building firstly, create a detailed move pack identifying all of the items to relocate – even the coat stand, water cooler and the office plants. We will agree where these are coming from and where you would like them to go.

With the dates and scheduling agreed, we will label all items just before the relocation, implement the physical move and then reinstate, rebuild, re-commission and re-patch and provide support to on the following day to ensure that all of the users are satisfied.

To discuss your IT Office Relocations needs, contact the team at CAT Project Solutions today